How to Play

The Trap Field

The trap fields have five shooting stations or posts and one trap house. The targets are thrown from the trap house or trap, away from the shooter. The trap will throw targets at different angles and directions at each call for the target.

A Round of Trap

A round of trap consists of 25 targets, with 5 shots at each station or post, which is 16 yards from the back of the trap house. Trap is shot in squads of up to five shooters. They move from station to station until the shooter has shot from each station.

Any type of shotgun may be used – single barrel, double barrel, pump or semi-automatic; and any gauge not larger than 12 gauge. A 12 gauge is the most popular. Any brand of shells is permissible, but nothing larger than size #7-½ (no number lower than #7-½) shot should ever be used.

Help is always available for those not familiar with trap shooting. Just inquire at the check-in area at the Trap Pavilion.

Shooting a Practice Round of Trap at Carlisle Fish & Game

Upon arrival, go to the Trap Pavilion (on the left, just past the barn) to sign-up, pay, and be assigned to one of the trap fields. You’ll need to take the following equipment with you to the field:

  • Shotgun – nothing larger than a 12 gauge
  • Ammunition – One box of 25 shells, same gauge as your gun. Remember – no shot larger (lower number) than #7-1/2.
  • A shell holder you wear, to carry your ammo as you move around the field
  • Ear Plugs – MANDATORY
  • Eye Protection – MANDATORY


  • Safety first!
  • Eye and Ear protection are mandatory for all shooters, referees, and trap personnel.
  • Maximum of 5 people to a squad.
  • No shot size larger than #7-1/2.
  • Keep your action open at all times when not on a shooting station.
  • Do not load your gun until you are standing on the shooting station.
  • Watch your muzzle… keep it pointed downrange at all times.
  • Do not leave the shooting station until the gun is emptied.
  • Spectators must remain behind the trap field at all times.