How to Play

The Sporting Clays Field

A typical 50 round course consists of 8-10 different shooting stations, with each station presenting targets from a single trap or multiple traps. Targets are thrown as singles or pairs. Pairs include:

  • True Pair or Simultaneous Pair – thrown at the same time
  • Report Pair – the second target is thrown upon the firing or report of the shooter’s gun on the first target

Sporting clays simulates the unpredictability of hunting field game birds and even rabbits, by using a variety of different trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations, distance and clay target sizes.

A Round of Sporting Clays

A round of sporting clays typically consists of 50 targets per person. During special shoots a round may consist of 100 targets per person. Sporting Clays is shot in squads of up to 6 shooters. The squads move from station to station until each squad has shot from each station. Any gauge shotgun may be used (over-and-under, semi-automatic, and pump-action), as long as it can fire at least two shells of 12 gauge or smaller. The preferred shot size is #8, but nothing larger than #7-1/2 should ever be used.

Shooting a Practice Round of Sporting Clays at Carlisle Fish & Game

Upon arrival, go directly to the Sporting Clays and Skeet facility building to sign-up, pay, and be assigned to a squad. You’ll need to take the following equipment to the field with you:

  • Shotgun – any gauge – any type, as long as it fires at least two shells
  • Ammunition – At least two boxes of 25 shells, plus a few (5) extra in case of target or trap issues, same gauge as your gun. Remember – no shot larger (lower number) than #7-1/2.
  • A shell holder you wear to carry your ammo as you move around the course
  • Ear Plugs – MANDATORY
  • Eye Protection – MANDATORY

Before the first person in every squad shoots, the squad will see a presentation of the targets so you’ll be familiar with what and how the targets are being thrown.

There are buckets at every station for used hulls. Please help us keep our grounds clean.

All of our traps are automatic/electronic and squads do their own trapping.

Safety Rules

  • Safety first!
  • Eye and Ear protection are mandatory for all shooters, referees, and trap personnel.
  • Maximum of 6 people to a squad.
  • No shot size larger than #7-1/2.
  • Keep your action open at all times when not in a shooting station.
  • Do not load your gun until you are standing in the shooting station with the muzzle over the safety barrier.
  • Watch your muzzle… keep it pointed downrange at all times.
  • Do not leave the shooting station until the gun is emptied.
  • Spectators must remain behind each shooting station at all times.