Pistol & Rifle Ranges


We offer a handgun range with covered shooting stations and target backstops at 10 and 25 yards.  We also offer a rifle range with covered shooting stations and target backstops at 50, 100, 200 and 300 yards.  The pistol and rifle ranges are reserved for MEMBERS ONLY.  Please display your membership badge when using these facilities.  Please keep the gate locked at all times, including after entry to the facility.  Please consult the rifle and pistol range rules on this website for a full list of the rules applicable to the use of the facility.


We have added a new sign to range (see below)  to assist everyone in knowing when people are down range, whether they can be seen easily or not.  The sign pivots easily and locks into place by use of a pin.  Use of this sign is now mandatory on the range for all range users and when maintenance work being done down range.  This sign serves as an extra measure of safety for all range users.  Please rotate the sign when going down range and when the range is going hot.

Range Open Sign Stop No Shooting Sign

For information contact:
Eric Stevens by email at riflerange@carlislefishandgame.com