The Club needs your help. The Board of Directors decided to develop a new committee. The committee will be volunteers to help set up and execute “SPECIAL EVENTS” at the Club. These special events include corporate and charity fund raising shoots involving Trap, Sporting Clays, Wobble, and Skeet. These events are significant sources of revenue for the Club. The current number of volunteers in the shooting committees is not sufficient to cover all of the club’s annual special events. Participation in the SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE will require a few members per event to assist committee chairs. The goal is to have a list of several club members willing to help in a few events per year. Please call or email Curtis Stambaugh at 717-503-5474, or Vern Martin at 717-422-1418, for a more detailed discussion. There will be incentives for your participation. PLEASE give this request serious consideration. Thanks, Board of Directors