The “George Criswell Memorial” Traditional Archery Shoot will be held this Sunday at Carlisle Fish and Game.  Registration runs from 7:00am until noon.  Fee for adults is $10. Many of you remember George.  We lost him in July.  He was a friend to everyone he met.  A good man who was the Archery Committee Chairman at Carlisle Fish and Game for many years. To celebrate his life and friendship, we plan to enjoy our own friendship in the clubhouse on Sunday.  Please consider bringing a dish to share.  You can drop it off when you register, and sample everything when you come off the course.  We’ll have a good course set up at “traditional” ranges…maybe with some interesting shots included.  We’ll all have fun. Traditional Archery is all about friendship.  Please come out and honor the memory of George, who will always be our friend.

September 15 @ 07:00am
7:00 am — 12:00 pm