Our archery shoots can be attended by anyone at any skill level. The archery field course is just behind the pond and meanders through the woods on well maintained grassy trails. The archery program puts out 30 animals targets, in realistic hunting situations, for our 3-D shoots. Some of the shots are very challenging. Our open shoots allow the use of any bow from longbows to crossbows. Our traditional only shoots, however, are for longbows and recurves only.

Practice Facilities

Static target butts are located by the pond for practice shooting. A walk through practice field course is also available. These practice facilities are reserved for club members only.

Shoot Fees

Men: $10
Women: $5
Juniors: $5
Kids (under 12): Free


Do not shoot broadheads on the field archery course. Two broadheads were embedded in the target butt beneath the tree stand.  A miss is regrettable, and the shooter lost a couple of heads. But what if someone gets cut by this?  We’ll get a broadhead target set up at the treestand, because everybody should know how their heads fly.  But remember to NEVER shoot broadheads at our target butts or 3D targets.

Carlisle Fish and Game has a broadhead target set up at the treestand on the field course where it is safe to test the flight and accuracy of your hunting heads. This is the only place on club grounds where broadhead points are permissible to shoot.

For information on any archery activity contact:

Email Dave Gramley at archery@carlislefishandgame.com