[As of October 10, 2022]


  • President: Paul Whipple
  • Vice President: Maurice Lee
  • Treasurer: Greg Hall
  • Membership Secretary: James Showvaker
  • Recording Secretary: Wendy Sanders*
  • Board Supervisor: Mike Cook

* Officer only, not a director.


  • Guy Barr
  • Mike Baehr
  • Mark Chronister
  • Mike Cook
  • Beverly Flinchbaugh
  • Larry Flinchbaugh
  • Bill Kady
  • Tim Ruppert
  • Brian Davies
  • Mark Supanick
  • Tom Wolfe


  • Rob Swigart (Caretaker)

Membership and Board Meetings 2023

(Location Barn, 7:00 PM)

January 9Membership/Board
February 13Board meeting
March 13Board meeting
April 10Board meeting
May 8Membership/Board
June 12Board meeting
July 10Board meeting
August 14Board meeting
September 11Membership/Board
October 9Membership/Board 
November 13Board meeting
December 11Board meeting