Current Board & Staff

As of October 9, 2017


President:  Curtis Stambaugh
Vice President: Brian Davies
Treasurer:  Jackie Lutskus   
Membership Secretary:  Beverly Flinchbaugh*
Recording Secretary:  Beverly Flinchbaugh*

* Officer only, not a director.   


Al Alinio
Mike Baehr
George Criswell
Larry Flinchbaugh
Dave Gramley
Jeff Groh
Charlie Leeds
Steve Leer
Vern Martin
Cathy Mayberry
Duane Mayberry
Eric Stevens
Paul Whipple
Tom Wolfe


Rob Swigart (Caretaker)

Membership and Board Meetings 2018

January 3                Membership meeting

January 8                Board meeting

February 12             Board meeting

March 12                 Board meeting

April 9                      Board meeting

May 2                      Membership meeting

May 14                     Board meeting

June 11                    Board meeting

July 9                       Board meeting

August 13                Board meeting

September 5            Membership meeting

September 10          Board meeting

October 3                 Membership meeting

October 8                 Board meeting

November 12           Board meeting

December 10           Board meeting